What we do

Our domain is intellectual property law, namely trademarks, designations of origin, utility models and industrial designs, copyright law and patents. We also understand unfair competition and all the associated litigation.

We specialise in Czech, Slovak and European legislation dealing with these areas of law, but we also have experience with other often much more distant jurisdictions.

Industrial property law

Brand names can become some of the most valuable as well as most enduring assets of a business. That’s why it’s worth securing absolute rights to them in the form of trademarks. We have 20 years of experience in creating, registering, using and also defending them in litigation. Not only in the Czech Republic, but also worldwide. Our know-how includes the largest trademark dispute in Czech history between Budějovický Budvar and its international competitor Budweiser.


The Czech Republic is a country with a rich industrial tradition with a focus on engineering. We make original inventions and their creators can only protect them one way – using patents. We have many years of experience here not only domestically, but also abroad, including on the largest world markets in the United States and China, which has become a patent superpower in recent years. Often this is a challenging process, but we’ll guide you through it from start to finish.

Utility models and industrial designs

Today, research and development are the driving force behind economic growth. Companies are racing to innovate, because whoever comes up with a new solution first, stands to profit the most. If time is of the essence, our long years of experience allow us to provide you with all the necessary legal services for rapid protection, including utility models. Entire sectors – such as the furniture industry – are based on original shapes. Even in this case you can protect the fruits of your creative labour through industrial designs, which is also within our area of expertise.


Any sufficiently original idea is protected by copyright. Its beauty lies in the fact that this protection arises automatically at the moment the person materializes their idea. Its weakness in European legal culture is conversely the inability to register it. This makes it more complicated and challenging to provide evidence for claims in its protection. Two decades of intellectual property work have given us a profound expertise in this area, including the resolution of related disputes.

Unfair competition

Almost every infringement of intellectual property rights involves unfair competition. If, for example, someone introduces a product with the same or similar brand name on the market as another competitor, they are leeching off of their reputation. We have many years of experience resolving intellectual property disputes, which are inextricably linked to violations of the rules of fair competition. The provisions of the law on unfair competition can then serve as the main recourse for those who have not registered their intellectual property rights.